A Mother's Perspective // Brittani Marcell

A Mother's Perspective // Brittani Marcell

March 08, 2017

My name is Diane Huebner~Marcell; I am mom to Brittani Marcell. Just like any other day, work, and kids off to school; all routine in other words.

I was scheduled to go to lunch from work at 12:00, noon, on September 11, 2008, but a supervisor asked if I would mind going at 11:30 AM. No problem, I was going to meet Brittani at our home for lunch, as I always went home for lunch. I was a single mom and still had five children at home; therefore very frugal. This change of lunch time was just one of many God’s interventions for my daughter, Brittani. After calling Brittani, who was at the library, due to a half day at school, she left the library when I spoke to her at 11:37 AM and I arrived home at 11:45 AM. Her car was there already and I figured I would just walk in the door after she unlocked it. We always locked our doors while at home; this was Albuquerque, New Mexico (#1 for violence)! I rang the door-bell numerous times and she did not open the door. So I unlocked the doors and to my astonishment, Brittani was on the floor of the foyer to my left, bleeding profusely from the head and facial area. The suspect was still in my house and with mom instinct kicking in; I followed him to my kitchen. NOT knowing what was going to happen, after he threatened me, with very profane language and a threat, I ran out the door trying to get help from neighbors; no one was at home. While doing this, I was on the phone with 9-1-1. A neighbor, who I never met from an adjoining subdivision, was walking and heard my screams for help and came to assist. He walked into the house and saw Brittani still hanging onto life, but told me if paramedics did not arrive soon, she may die. God was watching over her and sent this unknown neighbor to our aide. Paramedics arrived, as well as law enforcement. The medics immediately took her to hospital; I was detained for questioning and to make a phone call to my older daughter, who still lived at home. She arrived very quickly from her work and picked me up to take me to hospital emergency room. Other siblings were notified and released from school and taken to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital, I was greeted by physicians, detectives, my pastor, and others. I was finally allowed to see my Britt, with God’s grace and mercy, she was alive but hanging onto life.

No matter where I went during this time in the hospital (with much fear), I was prayed over and hugged by complete strangers (God’s angels I am sure).

Brittani was rushed to surgery late that night so that they could insert a drain tube in her head due to her brain quickly swelling. She pulled through, but was placed in a medically induced coma for approximately ten days. She once again pulled through, but we were advised she would have to have extensive rehabilitation to learn to walk, eat, converse/speak, write, cognitive skills, etc. After five months in hospital and rehab in Albuquerque, I moved her to Austin for more extensive rehab.



My entire life, I was raised in a Christian home with Godly parents. My dad was a Chaplain in the Army and my mom a Godly woman as described in scriptures. All this time, I felt God’s presence, His arms, and reassurance that Brittani was strong and she would survive. Brittani is strong and has a passion for life and a true survivor and still walking with God.

I had no doubt that God intervened many times during this brutal attack on my daughter’s life. If I had stayed in the house to help Britt, I could have been the attackers other victim as he told me I was next. I have been told by many, “One cannot live by what ifs but by God’s grace and power.” Had I also been the attacker’s victim, my 13 year old son would have been the one to find us in our home.






Brittani’s attacker has not been captured yet, but case is on-going and very active. Am I or was I ever mad at God? NO, I am angry at her attacker! Have I forgiven him? Yes, due to what God states in the scriptures. It is not good or healthy to be bitter towards others. I know her attacker will be captured and justice will be served, in God’s timing.

I am so proud that Brittani attends and loves her church, Nineteen: Ten; she has met many wonderful people. She graduates from college in December. Please continue to pray for God to guide her to the career He sees for her and also that her attacker will be caught. Therefore, Brittani can close that chapter of her life and move forward!